Thursday, 9 November 2017

What brokers don't tell you - Forex Trading for Beginners Help

What brokers do not tell you So you have seen CNBC ads, on the Internet or maybe you've visited a seminar on how Forex will make you rich all night. I'm sorry to tell you that the reality is that 90% of FX retail customers do not pay money and most accounts disappear in less than 6 months. But not everything is fake money you can do with FX, but do not do what they do themselves, Vince Stanzione is a millionaire businessman who himself with 26 years of experience in marketing and investment gives beginners the following tips: 1. I forgot to buy sophisticated software and I did not spend my money with FX robots. It is easy to cancel online sales, real-time data, graphics, commercial channels and bells and whistles. The truth is that less is more and the overload of information makes you a worse dealer. The more complicated your system, the less likely it will work or you will follow it. Most technical trading indicators are waste from the total time and you do not need to spend money on expensive trading software that decides to predict markets. The most important factor when operating on the market is the price. 2. Day trading is a waste of time; you will eventually lose money. Vince explored the new FX traders and found that they earn less working hours in one transaction than working with the McDonald's minimum wage. 3. The most successful FX traders make money with long-term trends. Vince has been trading currency for weeks, months or even years, not exactly what the media would you think should be stuck with 10 screens all day. Brokers want to exchange more because they earn more commissions and they are distributed. 4. Although charts may be useful, short-term charts are not recommended, they do not provide any value and are almost accidental. Vince uses daily, weekly, and monthly tables. The main tools are trend lines, variable averages, and support and resistance levels. Keep it simple. 5. New dealers avoid OT C FX intermediaries and should not use marginalized FX. To get started, consider stock exchanges in currencies and currency futures options. You get better offers and get more protection through a currency futures contract rather than an OTC broker. Keep in mind that Forex brokers often claim that "limited margins" are misleading. 6. Many traders do not understand that in many cases the messages they hear and read are already excluded from the market. Often, new entrants leave the market on the basis of the story in the morning; The market often has reduced information. 7. Talk to what you do not see what you think. You think the euro is overvalued and may be the right time, but if the price moves to 126,128,132,137,144,147 no matter what you think, no matter what you say, the "guru" CNBC: the price goes up and you should trade with trend 8. Many attention to major currency pairs, but over the years, Vince has gained a lot of money not included as Norwegian Crown, Swedish and South African Rand Corn. 9. Sometimes the best exchanges for FX are those that you do not! Vince exchanges currencies, commodities, stocks and bonds and can move from market to market. If the currency market is tedious, it will drive attention and funds for goods. 10. New entrants only think of the entrance to the operation, the truth is that the result is more important than getting comments from Vince "is it easier to get relationships to leave" also the management of money and how much risk It is a factor that many people do not have enough time to spend.

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